The Jules Verne Encyclopedia

Brian Taves & Stephen Michaluk, Jr.

with Edward Baxter, Ray Cartier, Evelyn Copeland, Olivier Dumas and James Iraldi

Foreword by André Laurie

293 pp. 8 1/2″ × 11″ photos 1996 ISBN 0-8108-2961-4 $54.50
From Around the World in 80 Days to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, millions of readers around the world have enjoyed the works of Jules Verne for over 120 years, and today he is recognized as one of the most important literary figures of all time. With the discovery of his long-lost manuscripts such as Paris in the Twentieth Century, Verne continues to amaze modern audiences with his astounding predictions of the future.

The Jules Verne Encyclopedia utilizes a variety of approaches to reveal the author as a cultural phenomenon whose influence has radiated throughout science and the arts. The authors outline Verne’s life in a critical overview, and in a compilation of autobiographical interviews given to journalists during his lifetime and reprinted here for the first time. Also included is Verne’s controversial novelette, “The Humbug,” a satire of American mores never before published in The United States. A vast and meticulous bibliography compiles information from the collections of individuals, institutions, and archives, along with trade publications and copyright records, tracing the thousands of different editions, retitlings, translations, and abridgments of each of Verne’s over sixty books and numerous short stories, plays, articles, and poems.

Verne is an equally important presence outside of literature, achieving recognition in hundreds of postage stamps and in Hollywood adaptations of his stories. Each of these topics is covered in a detailed chapter. Together, these multiple facets make The Jules Verne Encyclopedia a research landmark that will fulfill the varying needs for a general introduction to Verne, suitable for public libraries, as well as for the specialized information required by scholars, universities, collectors, philatelists, and cinephiles.
“The standard reference on this author for all scholars, collectors, and librarians . . . Informative and authoritative, The Jules Verne Encyclopedia is essential reading for all aficionados of Jules Verne and for all who wish an inside glimpse into how the disparate worlds of science, literature, and media were first successfully combined in Western culture.”

Brian Taves (Ph.D., University of Southern California) is a specialist in film history with the Library of Congress. He is a regular contributor to the scholarly Parisian quarterly, Bulletin de la Société Jules Verne, and in 1993 arranged the first English-language translation and publication of Verne’s fairy tale, Adventures of the Rat Family, published by Oxford University Press.

Stephen Michaluk, Jr. (B.A., National-Louis University) is a Navy Program Analyst at the Pentagon. He is a Verne collector extraordinaire with an extensive bibliographic background and one of the most notable and comprehensive personal collections of Verne in the United States.

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