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Since 1996, I have been maintaining a public electronic mailing list, with the aim of promoting free discussion and exchange of information among Jules Verne enthusiasts around the world and across the internet. The list is called The Jules Verne Forum, and its e-mail address is jvf@Gilead.org.il.

Administrative requests should be addressed to the list management automaton, jvf-request@Gilead.org.il, as follows:

Alternatively, use the Majordomo WWW user interface.

In case of difficulties, do not hesitate to write to me personally and I shall do my best to help. I cannot stress enough that subscription is completely free, and you can always unsubscribe, no questions asked!


The current JVF membership roster and a public archive of the Forum communications are available for your immediate viewing. If you wish, you can search this archive for the information you desire. A raw archive, arranged in monthly mailboxes to ease down-loading, is accessible by members only.

JVF membership grants you special privileges when accessing this site. To exercise these privileges you need a user ID and a password for HTTP user authentication. Your user ID is your full subscription email address. Your can get a web access password now, and change it later if you wish. You can use this password to access the private directory, going through the slamming door icon, or through a [P] icon in many places in this site.

If you are not fluent in English, and wish to read the English communications in your own language, or, if your only language is English, and you wish to understand communications in French or other languages, you may use the form in the botton of this page, and in the bottom of each page in the archive. Just select the the translation you need and Google Language Tools will do the translation for you.

We accept communications from non-members. However, please specify in your e-mail that you need a carbon-copy of the reply sent to you, since replies are sent to the Forum only. Note that to avoid junk mail, non-member communications are intercepted by the list management automaton, and are sent to the Forum only after being approved by me.

Zvi Har’El

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