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Re: What else was happening in 1872

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You write that Ulysses S. Grant was elected to a second term as U. S.
president in 1872. Democrat Horace Greeley ran against him but do you know
who also ran against him on a minor party ticket? None other than the
notorious Victoria Woodhull, presidential candidate of the Equal Rights Party
and first female candidate for president. (See my article on Victoria
Woodhull in the 1995 issue of "The Almanac for Farmers and City Folk," pages
142 - 145. I will send a free copy to anyone who requests it.) She spent
election day in jail on a charge of sending obscene material through the
mails on evidence submitted by Anthony Comstock, head of the Committee for
the Suppression of Vice.
     Woodhull founded a weekly newspaper which advocated woman's sufferage,
free love and legalized prostitution. Harriet Beecher Stowe, the author of
"Uncle Tom's Cabin," mocked Woodhull. Woodhull heard rumors that Stowe's
brother, the famous preacher Henry Ward Beecher, had an affair with his best
friend's wife, Mrs. Theodore Tilton. She treatened to expose Beecher if he
did not restrain his sister. Beecher sent Mr. Tilton to plead for Victoria's
silence and Tilton soon became her lover.
     Theodore Tilton swore out a complaint against Beecher charging him with
the alienation of his wife's affections. The six month 1875 trial was one of
the most infamous in American history. Victoria was not called to the stand
because both sides were afraid she would tell everything. It ended in a hung

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