Michael Strogoff

In Five Acts and Sixteen Scenes


Jules Verne et Adolphe d'Ennery

Translated and adapted by

Frank J. Morlock (ca. 2000)

Théâtre du Châtelet, Paris, 17 November 1880

Translation and Adaptation Copyright © 2003 by Frank J. Morlock

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Act I
Scene I. The new palace.
Scene II. Moscow illuminated.
Scene III. The retreat to the torches.
Act II
Scene IV. The post relay.
Scene V.
Scene VI. The Battlefield of Kolyvan.
Scene VII. The tent of Ivan Ogareff.
Scene VIII. The Tartar camp.
Scene IX. The Tartar celebration.
Act IV
Scene X.
Scene XI. The Raft.
Scene XII. The Shores of the Angara.
Scene XIII. The River of Naphtha.
Scene XIV. The City in Flames.
Act V
Scene XV. The Palace of the Grand Duke.
Scene XVI. The Assault on Irkutsk.


Michael Strogoff
Ivan Ogareff
The Grand Duke
The Governor of Moscow
Vassily Fedov
The Chief of Police
Emir Feofar
General Kizov
Post Master
General Voronzoff
An Employee of the Telegraph
First Fugitive
Second Fugitive
A Police Officer
A Grand Priest
Aide de Camp
Second Aide de Camp
A Tartar Sergeant
First Traveler
Second Traveler
A Gypsy
Marfa Strogoff
Nadia Fedov

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