Part Two

Chapter I
The Indian Ocean
Chapter II
A Novel Proposal of Captain Nemo’s
Chapter III
A Pearl of Ten Millions
Chapter IV
The Red Sea
Chapter V
The Arabian Tunnel
Chapter VI
The Grecian Archipelago
Chapter VII
The Mediterranean in Forty-Eight Hours
Chapter VIII
Vigo Bay
Chapter IX
A Vanished Continent
Chapter X
The Submarine Coal-Mines
Chapter XI
The Sargasso Sea
Chapter XII
Cachalots and Whales
Chapter XIII
The Iceberg
Chapter XIV
The South Pole
Chapter XV
Accident or Incident?
Chapter XVI
Want of Air
Chapter XVII
From Cape Horn to the Amazon
Chapter XVIII
The Poulps
Chapter XIX
The Gulf Stream
Chapter XX
From Latitude 47° 24′ to Longitude 17° 28′
Chapter XXI
A Hecatomb
Chapter XXII
The Last Words of Captain Nemo
Chapter XXIII

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