Part One

Chapter I
A Challenge
Chapter II
Captain Servadac and His Orderly
Chapter III
Interrupted Effusions
Chapter IV
A Convulsion of Nature
Chapter V
A Mysterious Sea
Chapter VI
The Captain Makes an Exploration
Chapter VII
Ben Zoof Watches in Vain
Chapter VIII
Venus in Perilous Proximity
Chapter IX
Inquiries Unsatisfied
Chapter X
A Search for Algeria
Chapter XI
An Island Tomb
Chapter XII
At the Mercy of the Winds
Chapter XIII
A Royal Salute
Chapter XIV
Sensitive Nationality
Chapter XV
An Enigma from the Sea
Chapter XVI
The Residuum of a Continent
Chapter XVII
A Second Enigma
Chapter XVIII
An Unexpected Population
Chapter XIX
Gallia’s Governor General
Chapter XX
A Light on the Horizon
Chapter XXI
Winter Quarters
Chapter XXII
A Frozen Ocean
Chapter XXIII
A Carrier-Pigeon
Chapter XXIV
A Sledge-Ride

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