Part Two


Chapter I
A New Destination
Chapter II
Tristan d’Acunha and the Isle of Amsterdam
Chapter III
Cape Town and M. Viot
Chapter IV
A Wager and How Decided
Chapter V
The Storm on the Indian Ocean
Chapter VI
A Hospitable Colonist
Chapter VII
The Quartermaster of the “Britannia”
Chapter VIII
Preparation for the Journey
Chapter IX
A Country of Paradoxes
Chapter X
An Accident
Chapter XI
Crime or Calamity
Chapter XII
Toline of the Lachlan
Chapter XIII
A Warning
Chapter XIV
Wealth in the Wilderness
Chapter XV
Suspicious Occurrences
Chapter XVI
A Startling Discovery
Chapter XVII
The Plot Unveiled
Chapter XVIII
Four Days of Anguish
Chapter XIX
Helpless and Hopeless
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