Part Three


Chapter I
Lost or saved—Ayrton Summoned—Important discussion—It is not the “Duncan”—Suspicious vessel—Precautions to be taken—The ship approaches—A cannon shot—The brig anchors in sight of the island—Night comes on.
Chapter II
Discussions—Presentiments—Ayrton’s proposal—It is accepted—Ayrton and Pencroft on Grant Islet—Convicts from Norfolk Island—Ayrton’s heroic attempt—His return—Six against fifty.
Chapter III
The mist rises—The engineer’s preparations—Three posts—Ayrton and Pencroft—The first boat—Two other boats—On the islet—Six convicts land—The brig weighs anchor—The “Speedy’s” Guns—A desperate situation—Unexpected catastrophe.
Chapter IV
The colonists on the beach—Ayrton and Pencroft work amid the wreck—Conversation during breakfast—Pencroft’s arguments—Minute examination of the brig’s hull—The powder-magazine untouched—New riches—The last of the wreck—A broken piece of cylinder.
Chapter V
The engineer’s declaration—Pencroft’s grand hypothesis—An aerial battery—The four cannons—The surviving convicts—Ayrton hesitation—Cyrus Harding’s generous sentiments—Pencroft’s regrets.
Chapter VI
Expedition planned—Ayrton at the corral—Visit to Port Balloon—Pencroft’s observations on board the “Bonadventure”—Despatch sent to the corral—No reply from Ayrton—Departure the next day—The reason why the wire did not work—A report.
Chapter VII
The reporter and Pencroft in the corral—Herbert’s wound—The sailor’s despair—Consultation between the reporter and the engineer—Mode of treatment—Hope not abandoned—How is Neb to be warned—A sure and faithful messenger—Neb’s reply.
Chapter VIII
The convicts in the neighborhood of the corral—Provisional establishment—Continuation of the treatment of Herbert—Pencroft’s first rejoicings—Conversation on past events—What the future has in reserve—Cyrus Harding’s ideas on this subject.
Chapter IX
No news of Neb—A proposal from Pencroft and the reporter, which is not accepted—Several sorties by Gideon Spilett—A rag of cloth—A message—Hasty departure—Arrival on the plateau of Prospect Heights.
Chapter X
Herbert carried to Granite House—Neb relates all that has happened—Harding’s visit to the plateau—Ruin and devastation—The colonists baffled by Herbert’s illness—Willow bark—A deadly fever—Top barks again!
Chapter XI
Inexplicable mystery—Herbert’s convalescence—The parts of the island to be explored—Preparations for departure—First day—Night—Second day—Kauries—A couple of cassowaries—Footprints in the forest—Arrival at reptile point.
Chapter XII
Exploration of the Serpentine Peninsula—Encampment at the mouth of Falls River—Gideon Spilett and Pencroft reconnoiter—Their return—Forward, all!—AN open door—A lighted window—By the light of the moon!
Chapter XIII
Ayrton’s story—Plans of his former accomplices—Their installation in the corral—The avenging justice of Lincoln Island—The “Bonadventure”—researches around Mount Franklin—The upper valleys—A subterranean volcano—Pencroft’s opinion—At the bottom of the crater—Return.
Chapter XIV
Three years have passed—The new vessel—What is agreed on—Prosperity of the colony—The dockyard—Cold of the southern hemisphere—Washing linen—Mount Franklin.
Chapter XV
The awakening of the volcano—The fine season—Continuation of work—The evening of the 15th of October—A telegram—A question—An answer—Departure for the corral—The notice—The additional wire—The basalt coast—At high tide—At low tide—The cavern—A dazzling light.
Chapter XVI
Captain Nemo—His first words—The history of the recluse—His adventures—His sentiments—His comrades—Submarine life—Alone—The last refuge of the “Nautilus” in Lincoln Island—The mysterious genius of the island.
Chapter XVII
Last moments of Captain Nemo—Wishes of the dying man—A parting gift to his friends of a day—Captain Nemo’s coffin—Advice to the colonists—The supreme moment—At the bottom of the sea.
Chapter XVIII
Reflections of the colonists—Their labor of reconstruction resumed—The 1st of Jnuary, 1869—A cloud over the summit of the volcano—First warnings of an eruption—Ayrton and Cyrus Harding at the corral—Exploration of the Dakkar Grotto—What Captain Nemo had confided to the engineer.
Chapter XIX
Cyrus Harding gives an account of his exploration—The construction of the ship pushed forward—A last visit to the corral—The battle between fire and water—All that remains of the island—It is decided to launch the vessel—The night of the 8th of March.
Chapter XX
An isolated rock in the pacific—The last refuge of the colonists of Lincoln Island—Death is their only prospect—Unexpected succor—Why and how it arrives—A last kindness—An island on terra firma—The tomb of Captain Prince Dakkar Nemo.

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