A sequel to

From the Earth to the Moon



English translation by

Lewis Mercier and Eleanor E. King (1873)

Perliminary Chapter
Recapitulating the First Part of This Work, and Serving as a Preface to the Second
Chapter I
From Twenty Minutes past Ten to Forty-Seven Minutes past Ten P. M.
Chapter II
The First Half Hour
Chapter III
Their Place of Shelter
Chapter IV
A Little Algebra
Chapter V
The Cold of Space
Chapter VI
Question and Answer
Chapter VII
A Moment of Intoxication
Chapter VIII
At Seventy-Eight Thousand Five Hundred and Fourteen Leagues
Chapter IX
The Consequences of a Deviation
Chapter X
The Observers of the Moon
Chapter XI
Fancy and Reality
Chapter XII
Orographic Details
Chapter XIII
Lunar Landscapes
Chapter XIV
The Night of Three Hundred and Fifty-Four Hours and a Half
Chapter XV
Hyperbola or Parabola
Chapter XVI
The Southern Hemisphere
Chapter XVII
Chapter XVIII
Grave Questions
Chapter XIX
A Struggle against the Impossible
Chapter XX
The Soundings of the Susquehanna
Chapter XXI
J. T. Maston Recalled
Chapter XXII
Recovered from the Sea
Chapter XXIII
The End

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