The Blockade Runners

Verne, Jules

About the electronic version
The Blockade Runners
Verne, Jules

creation of machine-readable version: Judy Boss.
Conversion to TEI-conformant markup: University of Virginia Library Electronic Text Center. : 1995
About the print version
The Omnibus
Verne, Jules
. : J. B. Lippincott Company. Garden City, NY fiction; prose
February 1995 Kelly Tetterton.
updated header and tags:

October 1993 Kelly Tetterton.
minimal TEI tagging; italics included; entity references included; unambiguous line-end hyphenation removed:

October 1993 Judy Boss.
Text scanned in, proofed, and the following changes made:
491 10 desination destination
493 38 pentrate penetrate
508 22 thiry thirty