A Journey to the Center Of the Earth


Jules Verne

English translation originally published by

Griffith and Farran (1871)

Chapter I
My Uncle Makes a Discovery
Chapter II
The Mysterious Parchment
Chapter III
An Astounding Discovery
Chapter IV
We Start on the Journey
Chapter V
First Lessons in Climbing
Chapter VI
Our Voyage to Iceland
Chapter VII
Conversation and Discovery
Chapter VIII
Off at Last
Chapter IX
We Meet with Adventures
Chapter X
Traveling in Iceland
Chapter XI
We Reach Mount Sneffels
Chapter XII
The Ascent of Mount Sneffels
Chapter XIII
The Shadow of Scartaris
Chapter XIV
The Real Journey Commences
Chapter XV
We Continue Our Descent
Chapter XVI
The Eastern Tunnel
Chapter XVII
Deeper and Deeper
Chapter XVIII
The Wrong Road!
Chapter XIX
A New Route
Chapter XX
A Bitter Disappointment
Chapter XXI
Under the Ocean
Chapter XXII
Sunday below Ground
Chapter XXIII
Chapter XXIV
Chapter XXV
The Whispering Gallery
Chapter XXVI
A Rapid Recovery
Chapter XXVII
The Central Sea
Chapter XXVIII
Launching the Raft
Chapter XXIX
On the Waters—A Raft Voyage
Chapter XXX
Terrific Saurian Combat
Chapter XXXI
The Sea Monster
Chapter XXXII
The Battle of the Elements
Chapter XXXIII
Our Route Reversed
Chapter XXXIV
A Voyage of Discovery
Chapter XXXV
Discovery upon Discovery
Chapter XXXVI
What Is It?
Chapter XXXVII
The Mysterious Dagger
No Outlet—Blasting the Rock
Chapter XXXIX
The Explosion and Its Results
Chapter XL
The Ape Gigans
Chapter XLI
Chapter XLII
The Volcanic Shaft
Chapter XLIII
Daylight at Last
Chapter XLIV
The Journey Ended

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