The Clipper of the Clouds



English translation originally published by

Sampson Low, London (1887)

Chapter I
Mysterious Sounds
Chapter II
Agreement Impossible
Chapter III
A Visitor is Announced
Chapter IV
In Which a New Character Appears
Chapter V
Another Disappearance
Chapter VI
The President and Secretary Suspend Hostilities
Chapter VII
On Board the Albatross
Chapter VIII
The Balloonists Refuse to Be Convinced
Chapter IX
Across the Prairie
Chapter X
Westward—But Whither?
Chapter XI
The Wide Pacific
Chapter XII
Through the Himalayas
Chapter XIII
Over the Caspian
Chapter XIV
The Aeronef at Full Speed
Chapter XV
A Skirmish in Dahomey
Chapter XVI
Over the Atlantic
Chapter XVII
The Shipwrecked Crew
Chapter XVIII
Over the Volcano
Chapter XIX
Anchored at Last
Chapter XX
The Wreck of the Albatross
Chapter XXI
The Institute Again
Chapter XXII
The Go-Ahead is Launched
Chapter XXIII
The Grand Collapse

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