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In 1851, Jules Verne wrote a comedy "in Musset's style", named
"Léonard de Vinci". In 1853, he was still working on it, according
to a letter he wrote to his father at that time. In 1855, he wrote
in a letter to his mother that the last title for it will be "Monna
Lisa". Some Verne biographers mention even "La Joconde" as title
for this comedy.

"Monna Lisa" was published by Pierre-Anfré Touttain in Le Cahier
de l'Herne 15 (October 14, 1974) for the first time. It is a so-
called "pré-originale" because it is published in a magazine or
periodica (the same happened with Verne's novels published first
in various magazines or newspapers before being published in a
book form). Last year, "Monna Lisa" was published in a volume in
France (ISBN 2.85197.328.2) by L'Herne in Paris (collection
CONFIDENCES). It is really the FIRST edition of the comedy.

Other unknown first Verne editions of this type are :
- Edgard et ses Oeuves, Lausanne, Rencontre, 1970
- Le Comte de Chanteleine, Lausanne, Rencontre, 1971

I hope this information can help the collectors of Verne's first
and original editions...

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I am sure we all would like a copy of the bibliography. There is a
discussion of copyright in the library of congress home page at least for
the US laws, which try to accomodate european and other laws as well. It
is a question whether a bibliography as such is copyright-able, being it
is a list of published works rather like a telephone directory.

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