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From: Zvi Har'El <rl>
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 1996 10:30:30 +0200 (EET)
To: jvf~at~leeor.technion.ac.il (Jules Verne Forum)

To answer many questions about the copyright law, I recommend reading the
Copyright Law FAQ, by Terry Carroll, a series of six articles that contains
frequently asked questions (FAQ) with answers relating to copyright law,
particularly that of the United States. It is posted to the Usenet
misc.legal, misc.legal.computing, misc.int-property, comp.patents,
misc.answers, comp.answers, and news.answers newsgroups monthly, on or
near the 17th of each month.

This FAQ is available for anonymous FTP from rtfm.mit.edu [],
in directory /pub/usenet/news.answers/law/Copyright-FAQ, files part1 -
part6. If you do not have direct access by FTP, you can obtain a copy
via email: send a message to mail-server~at~rtfm.mit.edu with the following
lines in it:

  send usenet/news.answers/law/Copyright-FAQ/part1
  send usenet/news.answers/law/Copyright-FAQ/part2
  send usenet/news.answers/law/Copyright-FAQ/part3
  send usenet/news.answers/law/Copyright-FAQ/part4
  send usenet/news.answers/law/Copyright-FAQ/part5
  send usenet/news.answers/law/Copyright-FAQ/part6

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