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From: Zvi Har'El <rl>
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 1996 15:04:19 +0200 (EET)
To: jvf~at~leeor.technion.ac.il (Jules Verne Forum)
Cc: adrian~at~yahoo.com

Hi Gang,

At my request, Yahoo! now has a new catergory:

Arts:Humanities:Literature:Authors:Verne, Jules (1828-1905)



In addition to my page, they list Andrew's NAJVS page, Dennis' Works page,
as well as the `References to kiwis in the works of Jules Verne' page.
You'll see these if you click on the Yahoo!'s link at the Acknowledgemet
section on my page, instead of just getting, as before, the `Additional Sites
Provided by Open Text'.

Finally, we are on the map!

I want to use this opportunity to thank the people at Yahoo!, adrian in
particular, for adding this new category, for listing me there with the
distinguished eyeglasses tag (http://www.yahoo.com/images/rating.gif) and for
maintaining this extraordinairy site.

On Thu Mar 7 03:13:08 1996, adrian~at~yahoo.com wrote about ``Yahoo Addition'':
> From http~at~yahoo.com Thu Mar 7 03:07:35 1996
> Date: Wed, 6 Mar 1996 17:13:08 -0800
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> To: rl~at~leeor.technion.ac.il (Zvi Har'El)
> Subject: Yahoo Addition
> From: adrian~at~yahoo.com
> Reply-To: adrian~at~yahoo.com
> Hi,
> The URL you submitted <url:http://gauss.technion.ac.il/~rl/JulesVerne/>
> has been added to Yahoo! It will appear after our next update which
> will probably occur within the next 24 hours. You can find your
> listing at that time by looking through the "What's New" listing or
> by doing a keyword search.
> Thank you for taking the time to add your site. We rely on users like
> yourself to make Yahoo! complete and comprehensive. In order to keep
> Yahoo! accurate as well, please let us know of changes to your listing
> in the future.
> If you'd like to return the favor and put Yahoo! on your own site,
> please see http://www.yahoo.com/bin/link for detailed instructions.
> Thanks again,
> The Yahoo Team
> Message from adrian:
> great site.

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