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Bonjour, Good Morning or Evening, Guten Tag...

In many (bad) american translations of "L'Ile mysterieuse", the hero
Cyrus Smith was named Captain Harding. The same happens to other
characters of the same novel. In some translations of "Voyage au
centre de la Terre", Lidenbrock was called von Hardwigg, Axel got
the name of Harry, etc.

Please, Kip, call the vernian characters according to what Jules Verne
named them and not according to the (criminal) first translators in
the US.

Kip, many authors already discussed the problem of the dates in Verne's
works, among them the history of Nemo's life :

PICCARD, Auguste - 20000 Meilen unter Meer mit Kapitaen Nemo. Du
(Zurich), P. 34, Vol. 15, October 1955.

MACHEREY, Pierre - Jules Verne ou le recit en defaut. Paris, Maspero
(in : "Pour une theorie de la creation litteraire, 344 p."), P. 183-266,

COMPERE, Daniel - Les suites dans les Voyages Extraordinaires. Bulletin
de la Societe Jules Verne (Nouvelle Serie), P. 122-128. Vol. 4, No 14,
April - june 1970.

GUERRA, Alvaro - O capitao Nemo e eu. Lisbon, Editorial Estampa, 160 p.

HUET, Marie-H©lŪne - L'histoire des Voyages Extraordinaires. Essai sur
l'oeuvre de Jules Verne. Paris, Lettres Modernes (Minard). Collection
"Avant-scene", no 14. 208 p., 1973.

VIERNE, Simone - Chronologie, introduction et archives de l'oeuvre.
Preface of : "Jules Verne - Vingt mille lieues sous les mers, Paris,
Garnier-Flammarion, 539 p.", P. 5-48, 1977.

PIZZO, Massimo del - Il padre del Capitano Nemo rivisto e corretto.
L'informatore librario, January 1978.

Last week, Garmt was discussing some individuals who tried to imitate
Phileas Fogg. The best known are Jean Cocteau, the french poet and
novelist and Nellie Bly, who stopped in Amiens to meet Jules Verne at
his home where she refused to have a glass of red wine...

A compilation of these Fogg co-runners can be found in :

Nellie Bly contre Phil©as Fogg. JV, Amiens, Centre de documentation
Jules Verne, special issue on Verne and Nellie Bly), Nr 26, April-june

MARKS, Jason - Around the World in 72 days. The race between Pulitzer's
Nellie Bly and "Cosmopolitan's" Elizabeth Bisland. New York, Gemittarius
Press, 250 p., 1993.

COMPERE, Fran«ois - Les coureurs du tour du monde. La Revue des Lettres
modernes (Paris, Minard), Serie Jules Verne, P. 169-175, Vol. 1,
Nr 456, July-october 1976.

        Regards, Freundliche Gruesse, meilleures salutations,

        Jean-Michel Margot
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