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From: Zvi Har'El <rl>
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On Sun Mar 10 17:38:26 1996, kip~at~usa.net wrote about ``Captain Nemo Chronology'':
> I am wondering about the discrepancy in Captain Nemo's
> life chronology.
> In "Mysterious Island," he tells Captain Harding and his group that
> in 1865 when they arrived at the island that he had been there for
> 6 years, and hadn't left. His crew had all passed away, and he
> made it to the island by himself. Nemo passes away in 1868
> without leaving the island.
> On the other hand, "20,000 Leagues" occurs during 1867 and
> 1868.
> Has this issue been discussed in the past? What is its
> resolution?

The issue is discussed in an appendix to the recent ``20,000 Leagues Under The
Sea - The Completely Restored and Annotated Edition'', translated by Walter
James Miller and Fredrick Paul Walter, Naval Institute Press, 1993.

This appendix, entitled ``Captain Nemo's Life Story'', is an excerpt from the
Mysterious Island, retranslated. The discrapancy in dates is discussed in a
footnote in the end of the appendix. The translator point out a one year
differnce between the two stories, and they are undecided whether the blame
lies with Verne or with Hetzel & Co.

Perhaps it is worthwhile for you to read this appendix.

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