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This sounds terrific if it were to happen. I have heard of
personal/literary items pertaining to Verne that have been extensively
covered in Europe, but not really addressed in the biographies done in
English. Literary critiques have recently (1991) been done by Andrew Martin
and William Butcher which have enhanced English-language scholarship in
Verne. These are not biographical works however and many Verne people
outside of academia may find them tedious to read. I found Arthur Evans'
book on Verne (1988?), on Didacticism and the Scientific Novel to be a much
more readable treatise; again it is not a biography.


>Thanks, Roger, for your comments. Yes, I know, it's frustrating for
>people who do not read other languages as english to get confronted
>with the literary and scholar studies done about Verne in Europe.
>We had the plan, at the Societe in Paris, together with the late
>Francois Raymond, to establish a list of the most important and
>significant publications with the objective of an english translation.
>Such a list exists, but until now, nobody was ready to do the job of
>getting the publishing rights, to do the translations and the final
>publication in the US.

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