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From: Norman Wolcott <nwolcott~at~gwis2.circ.gwu.edu>
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 1996 23:56:22 -0500 (EST)
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Today I paid a visit to the Naval Institute Press bookstore at the US
Naval Academy with the purpose to view their version of 20,000 Leagues.
They still have a few hard copy versions left at $36, and the paperback
is $24.00. I browsed through the introduction which claims that this is
the only translation "from the ground up", that all previous ones are
merely rewtorations of deleted text but rely heavily on the early
translations for the restof the material. It also describes how the book
almost came not to be published, and how the two authors had been working
independently on the same project at the same time. I was somwhat
disapointed in the quality of the illustrations however. Admittedly they
are difficult because most of the illustrations are over inked and have
levels which can only be described as black, blacker, and blackest. This
makes them very difficult to scan. Also the map, which scan you have, has
been converted into english, and I believe the quality of the two
illustrations I sent to the forum is higher than those in the book--so
there is hope for the amateur after all!
    The introduction also mentions that the Livre du Poche edition
follows faithfully the original 1871 Hetzel--and hence is a source of the
original text en francais. Does anyone know how many are available in
Livre du Poche, and where they may be obtained, and if they are still in
print? The Livre du Poche edition came out in the 1950's I believe.
    I have enlarged the scan of Nemo with his sextant to 8 x 10 using
Photostyler and am giving a xerox of it to each of the students in my
class studying astronomical navigation with the use of sextant.

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