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Learnig french with jverne

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Cher Voyageurs Extraordinaires de la Mer Electronique:
In a previous posting I mentioned that learning french enough to read
Verne was easier that trying to find a good translation for us
mono-lingual americans. In fact it would be a good way to learn/improve
your french. I mentioned that John Walker, who created the Earth to the
Moon htmml, gif, and etext en francais, apparently did just that and also
has a number of suggestions for learning french on his home page.
  Recently I had the opportunity to review the book "Bibliography of
Jules Verne" by Jean-Michel Margot of this forum. Imagine my surprise to
find item 350 in the list the following entry-

350. A. Conan-Doyle "A Good Way to Learn French" : 1905 (magazine article)

I was only 94 years too late!!!

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