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Re: Philipe Burgaud's visit

From: Zvi Har'El <rl>
Date: Sun, 24 Mar 1996 18:26:28 +0300 (IDT)
To: jvf~at~leeor.technion.ac.il
Cc: margot~at~ibm.net (Jean-Michel Margot)

On Sun Mar 24 17:29:18 1996, margot~at~ibm.net wrote about ``Philipe Burgaud's visit'':
> The General Secretary of the Societe Jules (Paris),
> Philippe BURGAUD, is in the US for a business trip. He
> stopped in Raleigh (NC) during this week-end and we had a
> lot of discussions about the last vernian discoveries, the
> coming issues of the Bulletin de la Societe Jules Verne,
> about the last auctions, etc. I used this opportunity to
> show him the JV forum and the home page Zvi put together
> with all the pointers.
> Jean-Michel Margot

Dear Jean-Michel,

Thank you for showing Phillipe our forum and my JV Collection page. I hope
we shall have him soon in our midst. Please show him my answer to his email.

> >From Philippe :
> Using my stay at Jean-Michel's home, I want to use this
> opportunity to gratulate Zvi for having organized his
> impressive home page and the Jules Verne Forum.
> Is it useful to have at several places the bibliography of
> Jules Verne's works ? It seems to me that a better solution
> could be only ONE home page with the complete list of
> Verne's works. Such a page could be easily maintained,
> mentioning of course the name of all contributors and such
> a page could be COMPLETE, ACCURATE et always UP TO DATE.
> I transmit to all of you the greetings of the Societe Jules
> Verne (Paris) and wish you all success in your vernian
> activities. I hope that the JVF will evolve positively and
> that every specialist and fan of Jules Verne will use it
> and enjoy it. If you want to become a member of the Societe
> Jules Verne (Paris) and/or subscribe to the Bulletin de la
> Societe Jules Verne, just inform Jean-Michel who will
> transmit your application to me.
> I'm not yet connected to Internet, but it should happen
> soon. It's my intent to join you all.
> Philippe Burgaud
Dear Phillipe,

Thank you for the complements. I am trying to do my best to serve not as an
authoritative source to JV knowledge, which I am not, but just as a guide to
show you where such sources might be. For example, there are in my list few JV
bibliographies - only recently Garmt put one (which is not complete yet) in his
JV page - we also have Dennis Kytasaari's, Olivier Sacleux, and François-Xavier
Féghali . Each one has done a very nice work, but I suspect - non
authoritative. I would love to put in my collection an authoritative JV
bibliography and keep it up to date with your help and the help of the forum.
We certainly look forward having you and th members of the SJV (I have been a
member myself since 1979) in our forum.

All the best,


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