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The first JV's work, online

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What is the first JV's work ? Is it "Les Pailles Rompues" or another
piece ? He wrote some poems before also. Or is it the first "Voyage
Extraordinaire" ? For another work as one of the "Voyages
Extraordinaires", no chance to get it online. If you want "Five Weeks
in a Balloon" online, it's not in Zvi's list, so you have to go to
Encyclopedia CD's (Grolier, Britannica, the 300 best World's books,
Library of the Future, etc.) and try to find it there. If you consider
"Voyages and Adventures of Captain Hatteras as Verne's first book (it is
at least the FIRST VOYAGE EXTRAORDINAIRE !), try also serveral CD's.
"Hatteras" is not mentioned as online work in Zvi's list. Last chance :
scan the text....

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