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From: Pierre BRIAL <pbrial~at~guetali.fr>
Date: Fri, 03 Apr 1998 13:19:54 +0400
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After the discussion between Swati and Constantina, It will be
interesting to discuss about Verne accuracy. I hope that people who live
in place described by Jules Verne will give us their advice. Personaly
I've only visited Iceland and I found the description in Voyage au
centre de la Terre very accurate. Richard Ellis in "Monsters of the
Seas" says that Verne's descriptions of marine mammals in 20000 Lieues
sous les mers contain many mistakes. He argues that these animals was
not very well known, and Verne may have read popular books not very
informed about the subject. Ellis supposes also that Verne has
exaggerated size, weight and ferocious behaviour of these animals to
increase the dramatic effect of the novel.

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