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DOS vs WIN (ISO) Fonts

From: Norman Wolcott <nwolcott~at~kreative.net>
Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1998 16:45:40 -0500
To: "jvf" <jvf~at~math.technion.ac.il>

Most etext documents use the ISO8859 fonts if foreign or accented
characters are used. This is the standard Windows character set used by for
example Times New Roman and Courier New. However documents prepared by
non-windows users will be in the old DOS character set. When such a text is
opened in Windows, the accented characters will disappear and be replaced
with erroenous characters from the corresponding place in the ISO table. If
you happen to have a DOS font installed, you can view the text correctly if
you change to that font. However the only DOS font I can find in my windows
installation is "Terminal", and it only appears when I execute "Character
Map". I used to have one called "MSLineDraw" but I can no longer find it.
  Using other methods I have managed to convert the project gutenberg
french version of 80days to ISO 8859 so that it can now be opened in
Windows with Windows Fonts. The converted version is "80dayspg.win" and is
in the attached Zip file "80dayspg.zip" The version of John Walker is
already in ISO format. Since most texts are already in windows format, it
might be desirable if DOS texts are posted to post the ISO version as well.

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