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Dear Ron,

I've followed your dialogue with interest. The OUP 20T does attempt to
identify the possible sources for the squid scene. My tentative
conclusion is that Pliny, Bouyer and Captain Jean Magnus Dens all play a
role, with the latter showing the most similarities. (p. 432)


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> It has often been pointed out that Verne's squid has 'eight
>arms' (like an _octo_pus), whereas squid in fact have ten. WJM and FPW
>claim that Aronnax's 'triple heart' is 'really three modified blood
>vessels' - but Ellis says 'squid do indeed possess three hearts'.
>Bill Butcher

A recent dialog between myself and WJM/FPW in the pages of the NAJVS
Extraordinary Voyages has concerned itself with the matter of Verne's
description, especially in the matter of the number of arms. I've
that not only was Verne meticulously following the description as given
the original report of the Alecton, but that the illustration that
accompanied that report clearly shows that the squid--for whatever
reason--had only eight arms.

Ron Miller
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