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From: william watson <bwatson~at~pacbell.net>
Date: Mon, 06 Apr 1998 08:03:26 -0700
To: Jules Verne Forum <jvf~at~math.technion.ac.il>

Tim Unwin wrote:
> Am I alone in finding that large attachments on postings have recently
> become something of a problem on this otherwise excellent list?
> For those who are billed per second online, or for those who are
> simply in a hurry, it seems something of an unnecessary luxury to be
> receiving
> documents that may take several minutes to download, especially if it turns
> out that they don't require them anyway. Wouldn't it be better netiquette --
> and less wasteful of people's time and patience -- to put out a message
> first asking if anyone wants to receive a particular file, then to send
> it simply to those who request it?
> Tim Unwin.

I respectfully agree,

Bill Watson
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