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Re: 1956. Around the world...

From: Davor Sisovic <dsisovic~at~public.srce.hr>
Date: Wed, 08 Apr 1998 14:40:56
To: Jules Verne Forum <jvf~at~math.technion.ac.il>

At 18:02 1998.04.06 -0400, you wrote:
>On Sun, 5 Apr 1998, Davor Sisovic wrote:
>> Is director of this 1956. Around the world... version, Michael Anderson,
>> the same Michael Anderson who directed 1996. 20K?
>Yes, it is the same man. 80D was early in his career, and 20K has come at
>what may be the end (he is in his 70s now).
>Brian Taves

It must be a great attraction to Jules Verne from M. Anderson. Did he make
anything related to JV in between these 40 years?

Davor Sisovic
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