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On Wed, 8 Apr 1998, Davor Sisovic wrote:

> At 18:02 1998.04.06 -0400, you wrote:
> >On Sun, 5 Apr 1998, Davor Sisovic wrote:
> >> Is director of this 1956. Around the world... version, Michael Anderson,
> >> the same Michael Anderson who directed 1996. 20K?
> >Yes, it is the same man. 80D was early in his career, and 20K has come at
> >what may be the end (he is in his 70s now).
> >Brian Taves
> It must be a great attraction to Jules Verne from M. Anderson. Did he make
> anything related to JV in between these 40 years?
> Davor Sisovic
> dsisovic~at~public.srce.hr
> http://www.ice.hr/davors

No, apparently simply coincidence, although according to interviews he did
go back to the source and study 20K--a surprisingly rare step for
filmmakers making adaptations. Among Anderson's recent films are remakes
of such other classics as Kipling's CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS and London's THE
SEA WOLF (the latter was one of the best versions ever made of this
oft-filmed story), and Verne probably came to him as one more remake of a
sea classic. The only activity in between the Verne films was when his
son, Michael Anderson, Jr., starred in IN SEARCH OF THE CASTAWAYS (1962).

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