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From: Zvi Har'El <rl~at~math.technion.ac.il>
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 14:29:45 +0300 (IDT)
To: Jules Verne Forum <jvf~at~math.technion.ac.il>

Dear friends,

Finally I found time to update the long overdue membership roster in


Many people joined us since I last did it (although also few left, sigh...)
and few new flags are proudly flying in the membership page. I'll ask everyone,
especially the new members, to check the spelling of their names, they e-mail
addresses, the correct flag (many *.com addresses where assumed to be American,
perhaps unjustly). Sometime people live in one country under one flag but feel
they would like me to put in the flag of the country where their heart belongs
to, so just let me know. If you have a personal home page which I don't know
about, please let me know and I'll add a link to it from your entry. I'll try
from now on to update the page more often, but please note that an
up-to-the-minute membership list can be obtained by sending e-mail to


with the body

        who jvf

Best wishes and happy holidays,

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