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Re: Jules Verne Biography (was Re: please help me)

From: Andrew Nash <anash~at~interlog.com>
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 17:46:26 -0400
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At 07:04 AM 17/04/98 -0700, you wrote:
>My name is Mark Ball and I am a senior at Central Heights High School in
>Richmond KS.  I have an English assignment to write a paper on a famous
>author and I choose Jules Verne.  I am having trouble finding info.  If
>you could help me find more about his life, I would greatly appreciate
>   Thank You,
> Mark Ball
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I am not able to directly respond to your request, but I should be able to
point you in the direction of some pages where you might find the answer for

In the last few years, the sites containing information on Jules Verne and his
books has expanded tremendously. There are some sites with Biographical
information, and there are sites with Bibliographic information, and there are
sites simply on the joys of collecting the Books of Jules Verne.

The best site overall, and the site that anyone should look at first when
looking for information on Jules Verne, is the site managed by Dr. Zvi Har'El,
Department of Mathematics, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology,Haifa
32000,ISRAEL .
and especially one of its "sub-pages"
This site has attempted to collect all the links to pages about Jules Verne,
and on top of that, add to those pages Bibliographic and other collecting
information. It is also the "home" to the "Jules Verne Forum" a discussion
group about Jules Verne.

If you are interested in finding text of some of Jules Verne's books on-line,
there is a link from the above site:

Another very useful page, is the "still under construction" Jules Verne
"Internet Index".
This site is attempting to catalogue all the Jules Verne pages, and using
keywords, sort them into general headings!

If you want to know the plots of the various Jules Verne books (in a very
synopsis), then you need look no further than
This site by Dennis Kytasaari, lists the books of Jules Verne, and where the
book was made into a movie, it provides a link to the IMDB (movie database!).

To get information on collecting Jules Verne books, or other ephemera, try my
which describes books, movie posters, movies, pens, you name it!

For information on Hetzel editions of Jules Verne's books, please try

So, as you see, there is a lot of information out there, you just have to know
where to look.

Happy Hunting

Andrew Nash

Andrew Nash <JulesVerne~at~iname.com>, Toronto, Canada
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