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Re: A cry for help.

From: Arthur B. Evans <aevans~at~depauw.edu>
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 11:06:01 -0700
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Roland Marshall wrote:
> Dear JVF,
> I am an undergraduate in French at the University of Liverpool. I
> am at present writing a long study on the concept of knowledge in Verne's
> books (is it seen as a strength or a weakness, communication of), but I am
> having a little bit of trouble finding critical material on this matter. If
> any of you have written on this subject and you don't mind me quoting you in
> my essay, please could you send me a copy. Thanks in advance; vive le
> vernophile!
> Roland Marshall
> 0151 280 9657.

Among others, I would recommend 2 books to you:

Andrew Martin, _The Knowledge of Ignorance from Cervantes to Jules
Verne_ (Cambridge UP, 1985), as well as my own humble effort:
Arthur B. Evans, _Jules Verne Rediscovered: Didacticism and the
Scientific Novel_ (Greenwood Press, 1988).

Good luck!
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