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Chanson Groenlandaise

From: Zvi Har'El <rl~at~math.technion.ac.il>
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000 12:41:17 +0200 (IST)
To: oreste bossini <orbos~at~planet.it>
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On Wed, 22 Mar 2000, oreste bossini wrote:

> Dear Mister,
> I'm an italian lecturer in music. My name is Jacopo Pellegrini and I live in
> Roma. I'm looking forward for Jules Verne's Chanson Groenlandaise, which
> text was set by the italian composer Alfredo Catalani. I know that the poem
> is published on the book "Textes oubliés" and that it was written in 1873.
> Can you help me to find out the volume published - almost if there is one -
> and eventually when the poem was published and where for the first time.
> Could be possible to obtain the complete poem, because I suppose that
> Catalani used only few lines to set.
> Thank you very much for your kindness and reply to this address, please
> orbos~at~planet.it
> Best regards to you and your family,
> Jacopo Pellegrini

Dear Jacopo,

I have the book "Text Oubliés", which was published in 1979 by the Union
Général d'Éditions, Collection 10-18, No. 1294. The "Chanson Groenlandaise"
appears on pages 63-64. These pages say that the poem appeared first in 1873,
in the "Pays des Fourrures", and it was set to music and edited in 1905 by
Georges Alary.

The complete text (hopefully with no typos...) is:

Le ciel est noir,
Et le soleil se traîne
A peine !
De désespoir,
Ma pauvre âme incertaine
Est pleine !
Le ciel est noir.
La blonde enfant se rit de mes tendres chansons.
Et sur son coeur l'hiver promène ses glaçons !

Ange rêvé,
Ton amour qui fait vivre
Et j'ai bravé
Pour te voir, pour te suivre
Le givre.
Ange rêvé,
Hélas ! sous mes baisers et leur douce chaleur,
Je n'ai pu dissiper les neiges de ton coeur !

Ah ! que demain
A ton âme convienne
La mienne,
Et que ma main
Amoureusement tienne
La tienne !
Ange rêvé !
La soleil brillera là-haut dans notre ciel,
Et de ton coeur, l'amour forcera le dégel ! (×2)
Ange rêvé ! (×2)

I send a copy of this message to the "Jules Verne Forum", since I am sure our
friends in the forum will be interseted in this poem in particular and in Jules
Verne as a poet in general.

Friendly yours,


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