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Ralf Tauchmann (ralf.tauchmann~at~t-online.de) wrote:

> (interesting information -- I did not know that : at the end of his
life, Jules Verne was the chairman of his regional esparanto
federation [Sommes];

Some links on Jules Verne and Esperanto:

Posted on the Internet, from esperantist David Poulson, with a link to this
Esperanto and Science Fiction: Jules Verne

Article in French, superficial, from LE COURRIER DE L'OUEST 28-07-1993:

My own article on the subject exists only on paper, and in Esperanto... The
same goes for my Esperanto translation of Voyage d'études:

Esplorvojago. Jules Verne. Trad. I. Ertl. Paris: Union Francaise pour
l'Espéranto, 1994. 40p. 21cm.

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Istvan Ertl
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