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From: Bernhard Krauth <BGYKrauth~at~t-online.de>
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2005 10:08:16 +0200
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> Another myth to be pinned out is the famous quotation attributed to Jules
> Verne:
> "Tout ce qu'un homme est capable d'imaginer, d'autres hommes seront
> capables de le réaliser."
> How this "quotation" was forged is explained by Eric Weissenberg in "Jules
> Verne - un univers fabuleux" (pp. 24-33).

You are fully right, in Weissenbergs book this story is quite good

Another myth Weissenberg himself is upsetting in his book, as i have seen it
already reprinted in other publications meanwhile:

the question about the photography of the maîtresse Estelle Hénin: I know
from Volker Dehs that Estelle died already in 1865, the picture should be
from 1873 - which in this case is simply impossible. Only if the picture was
reproduced from the original plate later (means in 1873) and the original
plate is older this might be possible. But then also there is the question
why the picture was in the possession of Nadar and not of Jules Verne.
Anyhow, Volker told me, it is a simply guessing that the woman on the
picture is Estelle, and there is nothing approved about it.

Another thing which can become a myth (like the well known painting said to
show Paul and Jules but in reality show two Cousins of them) was published
in the last "Revue Jules Verne" of the Centre International: given from the
Vernes family they published a photography of a very young man to be said
Jules Verne - but from his appearance it is much more certain that it is a
picture of Paul Verne. I am sure that anyhow this picture will be further on
published as Jules...


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