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Dear Garmt,

> > 2) That Verne was a visionary, even an inventor, that the machines in his
> > novels were his own predictions of future. I don't know how much alive is
> > this myth abroad, but I was striken, how much it is in our country.
> I think this is, worldwide, the most recurrent myth about Verne. In one
> newspaper article in the Netherlands, the author makes a point of how much
> Verne was a 19th-century man, and how his "inventions" were based in
> reality. A very nice article, but guess what caption they put underneath
> Verne's portrait? "Jules Verne, a man far ahead of his time". Sigh...

Very good! But the article seems to be a blessing when compared with those our journalists produced: You can even read that Verne predicted Adolf Hitler! I think they confused Verne for Nostradamus.

> Finally, myths like
> Verne being a coastguard or the translations in 200 languages are repeated
> even in serious publications by JV experts. Perhaps the "seriousness" of
> the myths should be indicated?

Definitely, it is altogether understandable that the journalists who never read Verne, or read one or two of his "sci-fi" novels in their youth, can think so. But the inaccuracies in serious publications are perhaps most deplorable.

Jan Rychlik
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