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Sale of St Michel3

From: Karol van Bastelaar <k.bastelaar~at~wxs.nl>
Date: Wed, 06 Apr 2005 10:45:35 +0200
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Different biographers have different dates for the sale. M. Alotte de la Fuÿe gives Verne's wound as the reason for selling, so it is after march 1886. The Dutch biographer E. Franquinet draws a picture of Verne in the spring of 1887 visiting the ship for the first time after his sickbed and suffering from the movements of the ship.
The Belgian Verne scolar Pourvoyeur gives 1886.
Costello also mentions febr 1886.

The most interesting is Herbert Lottman, as he gives as reference an artikel by Joseph Laissus in the Bulletin Société Jules Verne nr 1(1967), where February 1886 is mentioned.

So: is Valetoux better informed than Laissus?

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