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Myth or truth? relation with Michel

From: Karol van Bastelaar <k.bastelaar~at~wxs.nl>
Date: Wed, 06 Apr 2005 11:10:25 +0200
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In almost all biographies it is said that the relationship between Verne and Michel became better after the shooting.
Michel is supposed to have helped his father with his work, taking dictation and supplying secretaries. Lottman says that Michel took dictation during Verne's recuperation, supposedly of the novel The Carpathian castle. But 'only when he was in AmiŽns', as he had to be in Paris most of the time for his unsuccesfull businesses. Typing dictation for a novel would take many weeks, so it is not very probable that Verne dictated the whole novel to Michel.
Volker Dehs mentions the court case against Michel, after Verne's death, about the question of the authenticity of the novel En Magellanie. Michel stated then that there had been a secretary between 1901 and 1904 who had taken dictation. That would be the reason that the later novels were typed.
Volker is rather critical about any coŲperation between father and son.

So: the better relation between Verne and Michel, myth or thruth?

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