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Re: Saint Michel III

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Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2005 21:52:55 +0200
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Dear friend,
Phillipe Valetoux published a very well documented and illustrated paper, Les
yachts de Jules Verne, in "Le Chasse Marée" 140 (Jan. 2001)p 16-31. In this
paper we can read:

"Dans "Le Yacht" du 18 Juillet 1885, on peut lire "Le steam-yacht Saint Michel
III, qui appartenait M. Jules Verne, a été acheté par M. Marcel Noé de
Nantes." Cet acquereur est courtier maritime (.....) En décembre 1885, le
steam-yacht est revendu à un riche aristocrate. Dans sa livraison du 13 mars
1886, Le Yacht indique : "Le Saint Michel III, recemment entre les mains de M.
Marcel Noé, vient d'être cédé au prince de Monténégro. ...."

So that, the 2 dates given by the biographers are more or less good ... most
of them say that JV sold his yacht to the prince of Montenegro in 1886, in
fact they forgot Mr Noé...

I think that the number of "Le chasse marée" is always available, see the URL
of the publisher.


Selon Bernhard Krauth <BGYKrauth~at~t-online.de>:

> Philippe talks a good english as he is like me a former dep sea mariner
> master and pilot in Le Havre. He was participating at the Mondial, but I
> don't know if he is following this Forum.
> Regards
> Bernhard
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> > Dear friends!
> >
> > After a quick search on the www, I found that M.
> > Philippe Valetoux seems to have published a report of
> > his research, maybe the one titled "Jules Verne in Le
> > Havre"? The topic could be about Saint-Michel II, a
> > boat I know very little about. It seems to me that M.
> > Philippe Valetoux writes good english, so I would be
> > very happy if this Jules Verne Forum could invite him
> > to tell more about the boats possesed by Jules Verne?
> >
> > Best regards
> > Peter Harold
> >
> >
> >> The source has been reveald by Philippe Valetoux,
> >> and there is also a note in Verne's diary of his
> >> travels.
> >> Cheers, Volker

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