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Re: Greyhound/Forward/Sloughi? (Deux ans de vacances)

From: Jean-Pierre Boutin <boutin~at~versailles.inra.fr>
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2005 15:55:51 +0200
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Dear Peter,
Sloughi is the JV choice, so use it unless this word have an unpleasant
meaning in Sweeden. By the way, FRAM is the boat of Nansen and
Admunsen, FORWARD is that of Capitaine Hatteras, why GREYHOUND in

Le jeudi, 7 avr 2005, à 14:50 Europe/Paris, Peter Harold a écrit :

> Dear friends!
> Just exercising to learn some french, I am about
> making a new Swedish translation of the novel "Deux
> ans de vacances". It seems to me that this novel have
> been treated in funny ways: The name of the ship got
> different name in different language. The short
> version here in Sweden uses FRAM, but I would like to
> keep my style close to the original version. In an
> danish translation (well, I have to cheat a little
> bit!) the ship is named GREYHOUND. There is no
> surprise that also the name FORWARD also exist. Now
> reading the french version mr Zydorczak have pleased
> us with on the web, says the ship is called Sloughi.
> (And of course I have to ask mr Zydorczak for
> permission using his text, but I am just exercising
> yet.)
> Dear friends, do you have any opinion which one I
> should choose? Myself, I would prefer the name Jules
> Verne choosed. Could I be sure the french version is
> the right one? Beside this, do you have any comments
> about this story — perhaps some trevia about Hetzels
> input in this work?
> Thanks!
> Best regards
> Peter Harold
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