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Re: Greyhound/Forward/Sloughi? (Deux ans de vacances)

From: Jan Rychlík <jan.rychlik~at~seznam.cz>
Date: Thu, 07 Apr 2005 21:06:20 +0200 (CEST)
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Dear Peter,

I only would like to add that in some Czech translations the ship is renamed SEAGULL. Quite a lot of different names for one ship!


Jan rychlik

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Předmět (Subject): Greyhound/Forward/Sloughi? (Deux ans de vacances)
Datum (Date): 7. 4. 2005 14:50

> Dear friends!
> Just exercising to learn some french, I am about
> making a new Swedish translation of the novel "Deux
> ans de vacances". It seems to me that this novel have
> been treated in funny ways: The name of the ship got
> different name in different language. The short
> version here in Sweden uses FRAM, but I would like to
> keep my style close to the original version. In an
> danish translation (well, I have to cheat a little
> bit!) the ship is named GREYHOUND. There is no
> surprise that also the name FORWARD also exist. Now
> reading the french version mr Zydorczak have pleased
> us with on the web, says the ship is called Sloughi.
> (And of course I have to ask mr Zydorczak for
> permission using his text, but I am just exercising
> yet.)
> Dear friends, do you have any opinion which one I
> should choose? Myself, I would prefer the name Jules
> Verne choosed. Could I be sure the french version is
> the right one? Beside this, do you have any comments
> about this story — perhaps some trevia about Hetzels
> input in this work?
> Thanks!
> Best regards
> Peter Harold

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