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The main factors in assessing a translation must be fidelity and
style/readability. While Bradley reads well, he changes the text a little
too much for my taste. In the 2nd paragraph quoted by Art, he says the
“kettle in [sic] the kitchen stove was only just beginning to sing”, whereas
Verne reads “le dîner commençait à peine à chanter”.







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Dear Art,


I have been reading your articles on English Verne translations in the March
SFS and have found them to be most helpful and interesting. Your ratings of
translations have already pointed me to the best available translations of
some Verne novels. Such as Star of the South. Thanks.


I have a question about your section on translations of Journey to the
Center of the Earth. I was curious as to why you rated Bradley's 1956 Ace
papaerback translation as mediocre (no symbol). I had read this immediately
following my reading of Butcher's translation for Oxford, and, except for a
missing paragraph about Copenhagen near the beginning, I noticed no problems
compared to Butcher's work. In fact, I actually preferred Bradley's prose
style over Butcher's (who was very good as well). Did I miss something
during my reading of these two texts?




Best regards,


Joe Muratore


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Dear Norm and other Vernian friends,


Thanks for the inquiry. As coincidence would have it, the March special
issue of SCIENCE FICTION STUDIES on Jules Verne arrived from the printer
today. It looks great. The Table of Contents for the Verne section is as


Arthur B. Evans. "Editorial Introduction"

Timothy Unwin. "Jules Verne: Negotiating Change in the Nineteenth Century"

Terry Harpold. "Verne's Cartographies"

William Butcher. "Hidden Treasures: The Manuscripts of Twenty Thousand

George Slusser. "Why They Kill Jules Verne: Science Fiction and Cartesian

Arthur B. Evans. "Jules Verne's English Translations"

Arthur B. Evans. "A Bibliography of Jules Verne's English Translations"

Teri J. Hernández. "Translating Verne: An Extraordinary Journey"

Jean-Michel Margot. "Jules Verne, Playwright"

Gregory Benford. "Verne to Varley: Hard SF Evolves"

"Jules Verne Roundtable" (with James Gunn, I.F. Clarke, Paul Alkon, Carl
Freedman, Roger Bozzetto, Jean-Michel Margot, FranzRottensteiner, Nicholas
Ruddick, and Mark Bould)


If you wish to order a single copy of this issue of SFS, please send
US$12.00 (plus $1.50 for postage if you live outside North America) payable
to SF-TH Inc. to:

Prof. Arthur B. Evans

SFS, EC L-06

DePauw University

Greencastle, IN 46135 USA

We can also accept credit cards (Visa, MC, AmEx). If using a credit card,
please send me the following information via email (in at least two separate
messages for safety), via fax at 765-658-4764, or via regular post: type of
card, name on the card, postal address, card number, and expiration date.

All the best,


PS: the contributors to this issue will receive a free copy with their
offprints, to be mailed out in the next few days



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Subject: Science Fiction Studies Bibliography


Will we be able to purchase single issues of SFS containing the Verne
bibliography? If so are there instructions and which issue is it? thanks


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