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Re: Greyhound/Forward/Sloughi? (Deux ans de vacances)

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Date: Sat, 9 Apr 2005 18:09:45 +0100
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The "Saluki" is a kind of greyhound, (the spelling is the same in English
and French). According to my dog breeds book, the breed description is "an
extremely old breed known since the Egyptian dynasty era, the Saluki has
worked for nomads hunting gazelles in Egypt, Arabia and Persia. Slim and
graceful, it is a great runner with inexaustible stamina". Ther exact
opposite of my Golden Retriever! but a good name for a ship.
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Subject: Re: Greyhound/Forward/Sloughi? (Deux ans de vacances)

> Dear Peter,
> > I have no idea why the danish publisher chosed the
> > name GREYHOUND except for it could sound better. I am
> > not sure how to pronounce the word SLOUGHI, and the
> > publisher could perhaps made the name easier for loud
> > reading.
> As I comprehend, sloughi is some species of greyhounds. (Any cynologist
among us?) So I think that GREYHOUND is much more meaningful than SLOUGHI
and this might have been the reason for renaming the ship. I forgot to add
that the GREYHOUND variant only appeared as translated into Czech (the name
was not changed for English term, but a Czech one, and in Czech we only add
adjective to "greyhound" to discriminate among various species, eg. Afghan
> > Maybe that was the reason to change the name
> > in Czech translations... SEAGULL.
> That's it! Czech translation of the word "greyhound" doesn't contain any
vowel, contrary to "seagull". But SEAGULL is very stupid, GREYHOUND is
> > May I ask one more question with the nature of how to
> > spell the names: In translations, Doniphan is named
> > Donovan. Was "Doniphan" a common name, at that time of
> > this novel? I have never heard that name before.
> I remember that in a Czech radio play after the novel Doniphan is even
pronounced as it's a French name!
> Sincerely
> Jan Rychlik
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