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Translation errors in Antarctic Mystery

From: N Wolcott <nwolcott~at~dsdial.net>
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 17:24:15 -0400
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At Mondial I overherard a discussion of translation errors in Antarctic Mystery. I am looking for "problem errors" in Verne translations to serve as test beds for research. If anyone knows which these chapters are plelase let me know. As Cashel-Hoey was one of the more famous literary personages to translate Verne, errors in her translation are significant.

PS I am not interested in errors in the Mercier translations.

What I am interested in is a semi-automatic method of rating translations. While it os often easy to say if a paragraph is translated well, it is more diffciult to estimate the amount of badness in a paragraph. Hence the need for some bad paragraphs.

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