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Re: Unit of measurement in "Deux ans de vacanses"?

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Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 14:42:36 +0200
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Un mille marin = distance entre 2 points d'un méridien terrestre séparés par
une minute d'arc = 1852 mètres.

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Subject: Unit of measurement in "Deux ans de vacanses"?

> Dear friends!
> In the first chapter of "Deux ans de vacances", about
> the next morning at sunrise. the sight is very
> limited: "...de vue à moins d'un quart de mille".
> My question is what kind of unit of measurement did
> Jules Verne used in this phrase? Is it british
> standard Yards, is it Foot, or could it be French
> Kilometres or Hectometres? My Danish translation says
> "400 meter", but I don't think that is proper done,
> when the danish unit of measurement should be
> "Favnar"... :-)
> I know that this question is very common, and it is
> pointed out in an old Swedish translations of "Le pays
> des fourrures" that the author didn't made it clear
> what unit he used for giving the distances in that
> novel.
> Any ideas, friends?
> best regards
> Peter
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