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From: Walter J Miller <wjm2~at~nyu.edu>
Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2005 13:23:26 -0400
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On Science Friday, NPR,  April 15, Brian Taves was interviewed and did all of us Vernians proud.  He really buried that Galaxy 1961 article, which is still hurting us, and he got in some vital publicity for our recent works. A transcript should be available soon on the site that Terry mentions.  A vote of thanks to Brian!  Cheers!  Walter James Miller ----- Original Message -----

From: Terry Harpold <tharpold~at~english.ufl.edu>

Date: Friday, April 15, 2005 9:30 am

Subject: Jules Verne on "Science Friday"

> Dear colleagues,
> Today's (April 15) edition of "Science Friday," a nationally-
> syndicated (US, perhaps also Canada?) radio program produced by
> National Public Radio here in the US includes a segment on Jules
> Verne, featuring our very own Brian Taves --
> <http://www.sciencefriday.com/pages/2005/Apr/hour1_041505.html>
> Programs are archived in RealAudio and Windows Media format after
> broadcast, on this page -- I assume that the conversation with
> Brian will be posted in a few days:
> <http://www.sciencefriday.com/cgi/showsearch.cgi?search_when=recent&outformat=yep>
> TH
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