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Re: Interview fragment online

From: Ralf Tauchmann <ralf.tauchmann~at~t-online.de>
Date: 01 Apr 2006 14:21 GMT
To: "Jules Verne Forum" <jvf~at~gilead.org.il>

"Mark Eckell" <mark_eckell~at~hotmail.com> schrieb:
> Sorry, I didn't find this humerous at all and I don't think many of your
> fellow Vernians will either.

Dear all,

We are all caught between two errors :

On the one hand, very often the wish is father to the thought, and on
the other, there are things that are too beautiful to be true.

This time, the former option was true, next time it hopefully will
be the latter. Don't be too harsh on Garmt, for (and although) he
exactly knew what his joke would mean to Vernians.


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