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Re: The real voice of Jules Verne?

From: Peter Harold <haroldmania~at~yahoo.se>
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2006 16:12:33 +0200 (CEST)
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--- Garmt de Vries <G.deVries~at~phys.uu.nl> skrev:
> knew). Indeed, it seems very unlikely that any
> recording will show up,
> but: never say never...

Well, we wait just for next april... ;-)

> It is described as soft and friendly. When he toured
> the Low Countries in
> 1887, giving readings of Raton, people complained
> that they could hardly
> hear him, and that he was very difficult to
> understand.

And to add; he also just spoke French, which couldn't
have made it easier (my own humble opinion) to hear

Are there any notes if he used gestures to enforce his

I am a little bit surprised that this man of words
(and world) was so non-loud in his manners. Well, this
was before his "political" career in Amiens, but
shouldn't he be aware of how to run a public speech in
his situation? I guess he was aware, but he was
without the strenght to speak loud in this crowded
room. Or was he ill when he went on his tour to the
Low Countries?

Are there any notes about his performance as a speaker
when he had other speeches in public?

I am just pondering about this thing, and I am happy
for any correction of these thought.

Best regards
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