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New Extraordinary Voyages atlas

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I've recently made "Extraordinary Voyages" available again as an 8 x 11-inch, 153-page softcover book. It includes all of the maps from the original edition, as well as numerous additional new ones. There are also diagrams of Verne's inventions, such a double-page cutaway view of the Nautilus, schematics of the Albraross, the Terror, the Columbiad and Projectile and many others. There are also pages devoted to the ships mentioned in Verne's novels, 19th century submarines and plans for helicopters, the "Game of the United States" and numerous other extra features.

Most of the original maps were lost by the printer of the first edition, but these have been reproduced from the best-available copies, in addition to what originals still exist. Please be forewarned: all of the maps and drawings are reproduced by a very fine halftone process, which prevents the reproduction of solid black lines. Nevertheless, the maps are quite readable.

All of the maps have been improved from those in the original version by indicating land areas in light grey, which makes them much easier to use and much better-looking.

The only deletion from the original book is the extensive bibliography, since this information can be found elsewhere in more authoritative detail.

The atlas is available here: http://www.lulu.com/content/264076. Another description of the book along with two thumbnail sample pages are here: http://www.black-cat-studios.com/bookstorenew3.html

Extraordinary Voyages is US$10.00.


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