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Re: Illustrated translations of Le Superbe

From: Victor F Sirvent E <vsirvent~at~ldc.usb.ve>
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2006 11:48:45 -0400
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Dear Terry,

In Venezuela in 1997 it was published an illustrated and bilingual
(French-Spanish) edition of Le Superbe Or\'enoque.
I remember this edition was issued in order to commemorate the
centenary of the novel and the fifth centenary of the discovery of the

Victor Sirvent

Citando a Terry Harpold <tharpold~at~english.ufl.edu>:

> Dear colleagues,
> According to Garmt's index of Verne in translation, there have been
> at least 18 published translations of _Le Superbe Orénoque_ (SO), in
> the languages listed at the end of this email message.
> I'm working on an essay on illustrated editions of the novel. I've
> been able to get copies of illustrated editions in French (of
> course), English, and Spanish (including the Editorial Bruguera comic
> book). Editions in other languages I must request from libraries
> overseas. I hope that I may secure the help of fellow Vernians on
> this list to determine which of these editions I need to review for
> my research.
> - I am interested only in illustrated translations of the novel
> - I am interested only in translations illustrated by someone
> other than G. Roux, who illustrated the Hetzel editions.
> If you know of a translation of SO in one of the languages listed
> below that was illustrated by someone other than Roux, would you
> please contact me by email off the JVF list, so that I might ask you
> some questions about it?
> Warm regards & thanks,
> TH
> Languages in which Le Superbe Orénoque has been translated:
> Catalan (Català)
> Czech (Česky)
> Dutch (Nederlands)
> English (English) - I have seen these
> Finnish (Suomen kieli)
> German (Deutsch)
> Greek (Ελλήνικη)
> Hebrew (עברית)
> Hungarian (Magyar)
> Indonesian (Bahasa indonesia)
> Italian (Italiano)
> Polish (Polski)
> Portuguese (Português)
> Romanian (Româneşte)
> Russian (Русский)
> Simplified Chinese (中文网页)
> Slovak (Slovenský)
> Spanish (Español) - I have seen these
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