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Re: Illustrated translations of Le Superbe

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On Apr 11, 2006, at 11:48 AM, Victor F Sirvent E wrote:

> In Venezuela in 1997 it was published an illustrated and bilingual
> (French-Spanish) edition of Le Superbe Or\'enoque.
> I remember this edition was issued in order to commemorate the
> centenary of the novel and the fifth centenary of the discovery of
> the river.

Yes, Victor, thanks for reminding me of these -- I should have made
it clear in my earlier post that I have been able to see copies of
those beautiful editions as well, thanks to Jean-Michel Margot, who
was my generous host last weekend for a whirlwind afternoon tour
through the Margot Collection. Here are the citations for those
editions, in case others are interested:

   Verne, Jules. Le Superbe Orénoque. Eds. Denise Armitano and Luis
Ángel Duque. Illus. Daniel Maja. Caracas, Venezuela: Fundación Julio
Verne de Venezuela, 1997. ISBN 9800744053.

  Verne, Jules. El Soberbio Orinoco. Eds. Denise Armitano and Luis
Ángel Duque. Trans. Pedro R. de la Rosa. Illus. Pancho Quilici.
Caracas, Venezuela: Fundación Julio Verne de Venezuela, 1997. ISBN

Maja and Quilici's solutions to the challenges of illustrating SO --
the topic of my talk at the upcoming NAJVS meeting: how to illustrate
the novel and preserve the deception that Verne works hard to
maintain? -- are interesting. Both artists took the approach of
abstracting representations of action and characters (as opposed to
Roux's realist images); Quilici's images are abstract to the point of
looking as much like watercolor ink blots as places and people.



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